Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Merge: I got this idea while I was writing about the “Intermediate” idea. Have you seen those nail cutters that have knifes and openers attached to it. Get the idea!. Yes. If you can find two or more products that you think will go together (who knew nail cutter will go with a bottle opener) then pack them up together and sell. Sounds simple right? It does to me too. Let me think if I can find another example……hmmmm….. thinking……… looking around to see if I can find anything. Wuhu , I found two examples. I see this picture in front of me which gave me these two ideas. I see some people working in sun , they need cooling glasses and hats. I saw stores selling glasses and I saw stores selling caps , but I think there are very few stores , if any , that sell both in a bundle. That’s a great idea isn’t it? Ok , may be its not something new for you. How about this. Selling tops for girls along with beads or chains that match the top. This one is new I haven’t seen stores doing this.

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