Sunday, April 22, 2007


Do you wish things be more transparent in this world?. I do. And i think you do too. Are you thinking, why in the world does this guy think that i like transparency?. What does he mean. Not only you, everybody likes transparency. I am talking about news sites like, and all the other news channels that you visit everyday to see what's happening around you. What do you think they are doing?. They are making things that happen around us transparent to everyone. I am not saying you have to establish news channel. There are other things you could make transparent.

Need an example, here it is. Earlier people used to wonder how much their neighbours home is worth, how much are the home values in a certain area. is a home value publishing website. The idea of making home values transparent to public apparently pulled lot of users to this site

Transparency is what people are looking for in products and services surrounding them . People want things to be see-through. Long gone are the days of black box concept.

Transparency is about making a system more open to the public. Think if you know of a product or service that is not as transparent.

Good luck.

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