Thursday, March 29, 2007

Information & Access

In this Internet & information age, having access to any information over others is a vantage point. For example, knowing the news about a stock earlier can buy you advantage over others .
But if you are a regular person, you probably don't have access to get rich quick information. If you keep your eyes open you might find some information around you. It might not seem so important , but there might be people out there who might need this information. Keep an eye on the things you do regularly, places you visit frequently. Remember Access to Information is the key to success in most of the Internet based businesses.
Example: Build a website specifically for news/ sales/ yard sales / shows in your area. Advertise the site. If you maintain it properly, over time, word of mouth will make your site popular and local advertising will follow.
Good Luck.

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Shantell said...

Well written article.